Tamworth Rotary Santa

Merry Christmas

Where is Santa Next – Kettlebrook & Glascote to Coop: Campion Drive and all roads off

🎅✨ A HUGE THANK YOU to the merry 2nd Glascote Brownies for making Santa’s visit to Gillway: Gillway and all roads within absolutely magical! 🍪🌟 Your festive spirit and cheerful presence filled the air with joy on this special day! 🎄❤️

But hold onto your Santa hats because the celebration continues! On the 5th Of December, Santa will be gearing up for another round of merriment at Kettlebrook & Glascote to Coop: Campion Drive and all roads off. Get ready for more laughter and holiday cheer! 🚗✨

To the 2nd Glascote Brownies, your enthusiasm and joyful energy were the perfect ingredients for a heartwarming celebration. Thank you for spreading the holiday magic with us! 🎁👧👦

To everyone in Gillway who joined in the festivities, THANK YOU! Your smiles and warm wishes make our community shine even brighter. Let’s keep the festive spirit alive as Santa continues his journey to Kettlebrook & Glascote! 🎅🏡

Stay tuned for more updates, and mark your calendars for Santa’s next stop on this joyous adventure! 🗓️🌈 #TamworthRotary #2ndGlascoteBrownies #SantaOnTour #CommunityCheer #HolidayMagic