Tamworth Rotary Santa

Merry Christmas

Where is Santa Next – Gillway: Gillway and all roads within

🎅✨ A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE for the wonderful Steps Dance Studio for adding a magical touch to Santa’s journey through Leyfields! 🕺💃

And the celebration doesn’t stop there! Tomorrow, get ready as Santa makes his way to Gillway: Gillway and all roads within. The excitement continues! 🚗✨

A special thank you to Steps Dance Studio for their incredible energy and commitment to spreading joy. Your performances brought smiles to faces young and old. 🥰💫

To everyone in Leyfields who joined in the festivities, THANK YOU! Your warmth and enthusiasm make our community celebrations truly special. Let’s carry this festive spirit forward as Santa heads to Gillway! 🎁👏

Stay tuned for more joyful moments, and mark your calendars for Santa’s next stop at Gillway: Gillway and all roads within! 🎅🏡 #TamworthRotary #StepsDanceStudio #SantaOnTour #CommunityCheer #HolidayMagic