Tamworth Rotary Santa

Merry Christmas

Where is Santa Next – Silverlink & all Roads off.

🌟 A heartfelt thank you to Andy’s mum and the Brownies for making the holiday season extra special! 🚀🏡 Your efforts have brought Santa to Austen Drive, including all the wonderful roads off it, spreading joy throughout our community.

🎄🛷 Santa’s journey continues! Next stop: Silverlink and all the charming roads off it! 🏠✨ Come and say hello, gather your friends and family, and let’s keep the festive spirit alive together! 🎁👋

#TamworthRotaryClub expresses gratitude to Andy’s mum, the Brownies, and everyone involved. Join us for more holiday cheer! 🎉🤶 #CommunityLove #SantaInTamworth #SpreadTheJoy 🎅🎀